Barnabas ProTools Rig

This info is many years old. Maybe someday I'll take time to document my current PT rig.

The first SKB rack has the computer and two hard drives. The computer is in a Marathon Computer rack-mount. This is the rack-mount kit where you pull the guts out of your pretty Apple box and put it in their black rack-mount box. My ProTools dealer did the installation for no extra charge. It looks fairly easy.

I did have to modify the rack ears to fit it in the SKB rack. The stock mounting put the computer too far back in the rack and did not allow the rear cover to be put on without disconnecting all of the cables. I made new rack-ear brackets that allowed the computer to sit several inches forward in the rack. I also made some brackets that attached to the side of the Marathon rack and attached to the rear SKB rack rails.

This shows the bracket I made to replace the Marathon rack ear.

The back of the Marathon G3 rack.

This shows the rear rack mount I created and screwed to the side of the Marathon rack.

Two single-space Glyph hard drive units with two drives in each.

You need skinny hands to get to the connectors on the back of the hard drives.

The second rack has two PT interfaces and a Furman power conditioner. All the racks get their power from this Furman.

Here are my I/O units in a rack.

I have three racks with assorted preamps.

For computer monitor, I've been lugging around a big Mitsubisi 17" monitor. I use two of them at the home studio, but only take one on the road. Someday I'll get two of those LCD monitors. I'll bet one of them could fit in a SKB lid.

On location, the computer case is the only one making noise. I try to moive it as far from me and the music makers as possible. I use monitor and keyboard extension cables to get me away from the noise.

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